Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1.0 Client Memberā??s Responsibility and Behaviour

1.1 The client member guarantees that the contents of the advertisements shall not be a violation of International, National, State or Local Laws and that in particular applicable Spanish German and EC law.
1.2 Advertisements shall not breach any statutory or administrative prohibitions and shall not offend the rules of common decency.
1.3 Responsibility for the contents of the advertisements shall lie solely with the advertiser. The advertiser guarantees that the publication of the advertisement will not infringe the rights of third parties. The advertiser shall indemnify mallorcabay.com and hold mallorcabay.com harmless against all claims made by third parties due to failure to observe the above rules. mallorcabay.com has the right to examine the contents of the advertisements, but is under no obligation to do so.
1.4 Mallorcabay.com has the right to immediately remove advertisements that offend the foregoing provisions and links that lead to contents that are unlawful, are in breach of statutory or administrative prohibitions or that offend the rules of common decency
1.5 No prior warning shall be required. mallorcabay.com shall immediately notify the advertiser of such a measure. The advertiser shall nevertheless be obliged to pay the contractual price unless the advertiser proves that mallorcabay.com has removed the advertisement without just cause. The advertiser shall have no further claims to compensation or damages.
1.6 The Advertiser will have no fraudulent, counterfeit or unlawful activities in relation to advertising on the Mallorcabay site.
1.7 The Advertiser shall not have any Linking to items that infringe this agreement, listing with an email address or URL in the listing title, linking to items that you have no right to link to, linking to items that are listed for auction or sale elsewhere or linking to items that are better priced than the bid amount.

2.0 Conducting a Sale

It is the sole responsibility of a Buyer and Seller to enter into a contract for the sale and purchase of goods posted on the mallorcabay website and to arrange payment and delivery of such goods.
When conducting a sale ensure that all Data and Materials posted on the mallorcabay website in relation to the sale:
2.1 The description of the goods to be sold shall be fully and accurately described.
2.2 They shall not infringe the intellectual property rights of any person
2.3 They shall not contain any viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or any other software program designed or capable of interfering with the operation of the sale or the mallorcabay Website.
2.4 Or be obscene, offensive, upsetting, or defamatory to any person in any way
2.5 They shall be suitable for people under the age of 18 years and abide by all laws.
2.6 They shall not mislead or deceive a prospective client at any point in the description of the item
2.7 Do not post on the mallorcabay Website for sale any goods which:
2.8 You shall not attempt to sell stolen goods, someone else’s goods or goods which you do not gave title of.
2.9 You shall not sell goods which are counterfeit;
2.10 The sale shall not be contrary to any law, or breach of any

Legislation or illegal negotiation

3.0 Delivery of Goods

3.1 The Buyer and Seller cover the sole responsibility of any payment, delivery and insurance of the goods in the transaction.

4.0 Disagreements arising between buyer and seller

4.1 If there is a dispute between a buyer and a seller, mallorcabay will assist where possible in helping bring about resolution.
mallorcabay will not determine the outcome of the dispute. The disputants must resolve the dispute between themselves.

5.0 Termination of Membership

Mallorcabay may at any time:
5.1 Refuse any individualās application for membership as a mallorcabay client member
5.2 Suspend or cancel any client memberā
s membershop due to inactivity
5.3 Suspend or cancel any mallorcabay’s client member’s membership.
5.4 If mallorcabay suspends or cancels a mallorcabay client member’s
5.5 Delete any membership of a person in question of breaching the Terms and Conditions of the site and that person will cease to be entitled to, and will immediately cease to participate in any current or future involvement with mallorcabay.

6.0 Prohibited conduct:

Once accepted as a Client Member, such member agrees to:
6.1 Not to engage in any prohibited conduct and to co-operate with
mallorcabay in any inquiry into any alleged prohibited conduct;

7.0 Termination or Suspension of an item

As a mallorcabay client member, you accept and acknowledge that mallorcabay may, in its absolute discretion and without liability, cease or suspend, any item if, in the absolute opinion of mallorcabay if in the cases stated:
7.1 The item is in breach of the law or the seller is in breach of this agreement.
7.2 Mallorcabay, shall at any time, and at the complete discretion of mallorcabay, in the event of reported prohibited conduct:
7.3 Issue a warning to the client member;
7.4 Suspend membership rights to Mallorcaybay.com
7.5 Withdraw permanently membership to Mallorcabay.com
7.6 Report the conduct to any appropriate authority (including the Guardia Civil);
7.7 Any listing or transmission containing material that is considered a violation of the Terms and Conditions of this member agreement will be removed from the site. Any associated listing fee will not be credited for those listings.
7.8 Any violations or suspicious incidents should be promptly reported to report@mallorcabay.com

8.0 Liability Limits